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IncrediMail introduces Web Browser

posted this on June 27, 2011, 17:25

What is the IncrediMail Web Browser?

The web browser allows you to browse the web from links in your IncrediMail. You can also use it to download Gold Gallery and other content, and view.

Web Viewer

How do I use the IncrediMail Web Browser?

When you click a link in IncrediMail, the Web Browser will open.

The options in the Web Browser are similar to any other web browser. Basic options, such as minimize, open to full screen, exit, back, forward, search, zoom, reload and even email this page are available in the main screen:

  • Back and Forward buttons
  • Web Address bar
  • Search Box
  • Send (to Email)
  • Open in my browser
  • Zoom

Right-clicking within the window will display more options (Back, Forward, Reload, Save As, Print, Properties). You can also open links in a new viewer window.

Can I use my keyboard for options such as Back, Forward, Print, Zoom, etc?

IncrediMail’s Web Browser allows you to use the same keyboard combinations you would use in other browsers to perform commonly used actions such as Back, Forward, Reload and similar.

Can I set IncrediMail to open in my Default browser (instead of the IncrediMail Web Browser)?

To set IncrediMail to open links in your default browser instead of the IncrediMail Web Browser, please do the following:

  1. Click the 'Tools' menu (marked in red) and then 'Options' (marked in blue).


  2. Under the 'Advanced' tab, remove the mark from 'Always open links in IncrediMail Web Browser'.
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