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What is IncrediMail Plus?

posted this on January 11, 2012, 10:41

The IncrediMail Plus Subscription is a License which unlocks special features within your IncrediMail program, and allows you full access to many fun and exciting options, including:

  1. No Advertisements displayed in IncrediMail (Status Window or Folder List)
  2. No Promotional Tag at the bottom of Outgoing Messages
  3. Advanced Account Access - Preview messages on your mail server
  4. Voice Recorder - Add voice greetings to messages
  5. Smart Notifier - Specific Notifiers for specific senders
  6. Skins - Changing the way IncrediMail looks
  7. VIP Support
  8. IncrediBackup - A powerful Backup tool for your IncrediMail program.

Please Note: IncrediMail Plus gives access to Plus features within your program - access is through a valid Registration Code, and there is no need to download or install anything! IncrediMail Plus is compatible with all IncrediMail versions.

To purchase IncrediMail Plus, please click here.

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