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Help with IncrediMail License Registration

posted this on January 24, 2012, 12:54

In order to use your IncrediMail Subscription, you must first register your License Code.


How do I register (or remove) my License on my new computer?

To register your IncrediMail registration code, simply click the 'Help' menu (marked in red) and select 'Enter Registration Code...' (marked in blue).


Please make sure your code is entered exactly as it was sent to you. Your Code is a set of letters and numbers, for example:


Where can I view or edit my IncrediMail Licenses?

Once your License is registered, you can view it by clicking the 'Help' menu (marked in red) and select 'Licenses' (marked in blue).


In the dialog that appears, you will see all Licenses you have registered.


In addition, you can do the following:

  • License Window - View all Licenses and Details (Product Name, Registered To, Expiration, and Registration Code)
  • 'Order Now' (marked in green) - This will bring you to the IncrediMail Purchase Page.
  • 'Enter Code...' (marked in red) - Add any new codes to your IncrediMail installation.
  • 'Remove' (marked in blue) - Select code and press 'Remove' to delete a code.

Recover a lost Registration code by clicking 'Lost your registration codes...'. (marked in purple).


I have an Error Message during Registration

If you are unable to register, you will see an Error Message, which will help you pinpoint the cause of the issue, and correct it. Please check the list below for Error Messages and their solutions:

  1. 'Your computer is not connected to the Internet' - Please check that you are not working offline, and that your computer is directly plugged into your router.

    To see if you are working offline, click the 'File' menu in the main IncrediMail window, and make sure 'Work Offline' is not marked.

  2. 'Code cannot be activated again' - Your code will need to be reactivated.

    Please contact with the code that you are having trouble with, your Full Name, and the Email Address you used for purchasing the code.

  3. 'Check your firewall', 'Error 5' or 'Error 1232' - Your Firewall (Security Application) may be blocking your IncrediMail registration.

    Choose your Firewall from the list below to configure:
  4. 'Please purchase' or 'Failed to activate registration code. This license has expired.' - Your code may be expired.

    Check the Expiration Date of the code, and that it's the most recent one you've received.

  5. 'Invalid registration code. Please make sure that you have entered the correct code.' - Your Registration code is not recognized as you entered it.
    • Ensure your Code is written correctly when registering, including using only CAPITAL letters.
    • Check your connection to the Internet and check that your Firewall is not blocking IncrediMail.
    • Make sure you're not using a cookie cleaner, or blocking cookies.

Please Note: For any message asking you to download IncrediMail - Check that your Windows User account has Administrator Permissions.


I registered my IncrediMail License, but my IncrediMail Subscription does not work

Any time you experience issues using any Subscription feature, you should first make sure your License is registered correctly in IncrediMail.

Click the 'Help' menu (marked in red) and select 'Licenses' (marked in blue).

If your License is not listed, please register it now, and then check to see if the issue is corrected.

Once you have verified your License Code is registered, check to see that all settings for your Subscription are correctly turned on or marked, and the product has been correctly installed if necessary (i.e. IncrediBackup, or Protection Center).

For more assistance, please choose from the list below:


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