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How do I correct slowness or freezing in IncrediMail?

posted this on March 28, 2012, 17:25

If IncrediMail is running slowly or freezing, there are several steps you can take to correct this. You should first determine if this occurs when Sending or Receiving, Creating a Message, or General Slowness.

Please first install the latest version of IncrediMail (click here) to restore any damaged or corrupted program files that may contribute to this issue.

If the issue continues, please find the most appropriate description of your issue, and follow the steps given.

Send/Receive Process is too slow

This could be caused by a large message stuck in the Outbox or on your Server.

Please check your Outbox (Sending) or Server (Receiving) for large messages and remove them, and then complete the download.

Please Note: If this doesn't help, please click here for more Send/Receive Solutions.


Delay while Creating Messages

Disable the 'Typing Feature' using one of the following:

  • In the main IncrediMail window, click the 'Tools' menu and then 'Options'. Under the 'Effects' tab, simply uncheck 'Play Typing Sounds'.
  • In a New Message, click the 'Typing' icon. The Typing feature will now be disabled.


General Slowness/Freezing

You may want to print these instructions first, as it requires restarting your computer. Please try each listed step until the issue is solved:

1. Delete the Runtime Folder - This Folder contains Temporary files, and deleting it should help your IncrediMail run faster (it will be recreated over time):

  • To delete your 'Runtime' folder, please click here.
  • Click 'Run' in the File Download dialog, click 'Run' again when asked to run the software and follow the instructions in the SupportUtil dialog.

2. Reset Internet Explorer (Instructions for IE9)- Please note that IncrediMail uses Internet Explorer components to work, so you will need to perform these steps in Internet Explorer even if it is not your Default Browser!

  1. First, right-click the IncrediMail Tray Icon and select 'Exit' (as marked below).


  2. Open Internet Explorer, click the 'Tools' menu (“gear” symbol, marked below in red) and select 'Internet options' (marked in blue).


  3. Select the 'Security' tab (marked in red) and click the 'Reset all zones to default level' button (marked in blue below). Once you do so, make sure 'Enable Protected Mode' (marked in green) is unchecked.


  4. Select the 'Advanced' tab (marked in red) and click 'Reset ...' (marked in blue). After doing so, click 'Restore advanced settings' (marked in green).


  5. Click 'OK' and close all windows.

3. Restart Windows using 'MSCONFIG' (Windows Vista/7) - Restart Windows with only the bare minimum of programs. This will determine if another program is causing IncrediMail to run slowly:

  • Click the 'Start' menu and in the 'Start Search' dialog, type the word 'msconfig', and press on the 'Enter' key.
  • In the 'System Configuration' dialog, select the 'Startup' tab and click 'Disable All'.
  • Restart your computer.
  • With only the basic programs loaded, please double-click the IncrediMail icon on your Desktop.

Please Note: To retrieve your start-up settings, repeat steps 1-2 and click 'Enable All'.

4. Restart Windows in Safe Mode (Windows Vista/7) - Restart Windows with only the bare minimum of programs. This will determine if another program is causing IncrediMail to run slowly:

  • Restart your computer.
  • Before Windows starts, press the 'F8' key on your keyboard.
  • Select the 'Safe Mode (with Networking)' option from the 'Mode Select' menu.
  • Check to see if IncrediMail runs correctly.

Please Note: To restore your computer to its normal state, simply reboot it.

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