I have an issue with IncrediMail crashing.




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    Sharon Barton

    Have already re installed Incredimail several times but still crashes on start up.

    I am on Windows 10, have used this program for years with no trouble, but now I am very sad that I can no longer use it, not unless you come up with a solution to the problem

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    hi, correcting your pages under the heading "skin" opens only the first page and no more
    the second! I can not even download the other skins! set the error. When the error has been corrected, please let me know by e-mail. thank you

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    Jean Repose

    I am having a problem with incredimail disappearing from my computer.  I click the icon and nothing happens.  It used to work fine but now I am having issues with it.  can you fix this or do I have to go to another email service.  

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